Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Pramuka

First of all lest pray and thanks into our God ALLAH SWT the createst of everything in this universe. So we can attend and gather in this place in the good condition and happy situation.
Secondly may peace and solutation always be given into our beloved prophet Mhammad SaW . who has guided us from the darkness to the brightness from the stupidity to the cleverness. From jahiliyah era to the islamiyah era namely islamic religion that we love.
Thirdly i dont forget to say thanks so much for the Mr/Mrs. Ceremony who has giving me time to standing in front of you all. Standing in front of you all, i would like to deliver my speech undertitle Scout.

Scouts are container growing informal education in shaping a generation ahead. Scouts in defending their country using 10 pillars of the code of honor. Honor code has the meaning of a norm that is stored in the liver in order to realize the him.

10 pillars that we are familiar with Dasa DharmaPramuka. 10 pillars are as follows:
Pious to God the almighty one
Nature of love and human affection
Patriot polite and knight
Obedient and love deliberation
Willing to help and steadfast
Diligent skilled and happy
Save careful and understated
Discipline brave and loyal
Responsible and reliable
Saints in piliran perkatan and deed.
Of the 10 pillars are expected to make major changes in the character of education in Indonesia. And will also make the personal private youth scouts were able to demonstrate an attitude that reflects the character's behavior and commitment to create a group of qualified generation.

Indonesia scout move on with building the nation with 10 pillars. before this I end my speech, let me menyamapaikan a stanza rhyme.

Mermaids swim radiant, beautiful swimming desert island
Hopefully our greetings from Meranti Scouts Riau more brilliant.

A few of my speech. If there is a wrong word or mistakes please forgive.
semoga bermanfaat :)

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  1. what is 'Pamuka' monggg ? i dunno :D
    tugas bahasa inggris winginane lak !

    kunjung balik monggg : http://dedi-andrean.blogspot.com/2013/01/remaja-hobi-pacaran-why.html

  2. salah ketik mas broo..
    bukan tugas yang kemaren wek.. iku mah tugas.e adekku seng tak kerjakno.. sip
    tungguuuuu !!!

    1. khilaf gitu ?
      adik yang mana monggg ? bukane ibumu melahirkan 10 adik ? :D haha

    2. loh loh.. khilaf pastinya.
      dusoo mas iki, adik.ku mok siji
      lainyaaa bukan :p